Visa Requirements and How To Apply

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Saudi nationals and the citizens of these countries need a visa to visit Germany

If you want to travel to Germany for short term only (less than 90 days), you will have to apply for a Schengen visa. Those who want to spend more than 90 days, want to work or to live in Germany on a permanent basis need to get a national visa (see below).

Applications should be made as early as possible (within 3 months ahead of departure). Due to the higher number of applications during the annual high seasons (March to July, just before Ramadan or Eid al Adha) longer processing times are possible.

Every visa applicant is required to appear in person for collection of biometric data. The only exemptions being children under 12 years and handicapped persons where collection of fingerprints is not possible.

SCHENGEN VISA (stay of less than 90 days)

To submit your application, please use our Joint Application Center VFS Global in Riyadh, Jeddah or Al Khobar

How to reach and submit your application at the Visa Application Centers

To speed up the application process you may want to fill in the application online

Schengen Visa Application formVIDEX

Once completed, print it and take the printout, including the two dimensional barcode on the last page, with you to the Joint Visa Application Centre. Instructions how to fill in your application you will find in the

General User Guidline to fill-in Schengen visa applications with VIDEX [pdf, 27.27k]

VFS-Global Centres in Saudi Arabia

In order to improve the services and enhance the customer experience the VFS-Global has unified its call centre helpline number to 920001523.

Location of service provider VFS Global in Riyadh

Dove Plaza (Hyper Panda)

Omm al Hamam Street


Call Center no. +966 11 4831957

Location of service provider VFS Global in Jeddah

Unified Visa Application Center - TasHeel Commercial Center

Ground Floor - Suwaid Bin Sakher Street

Off Jundub Bin Kaab Street (Off Prince Sultan Street)

Al Mohammadiya District 1


Telephone: +966 12 2880 350; 012 2886 205; 012 2886 193

Location of service provider VFS Global in Al Khobar

1st floor, Al Katheery Center

King Faisal Road, Opp SABB

Raka Al Janoubia

Al Khobar

Telephone: +966 3 8590243; 03 8576148

Together with your application you should present the following documents:

Harmonised List of Supporting documents for Schengen visa applications [pdf, 97.92k]


If you travel to Germany for medical treatment, please provide the documents listed in this download.

Schengen Visa - Medical Treatment in Germany [pdf, 99.81k]

During the processing time no information on the status of you application can be given neither by the Embassy nor the Visa Application Center. It will also not be possible to claim your passport back without the visa.

For further information on Schengen visa, refer to the

Schengen and Schengen Ban Regulations [pdf, 419.35k]

IMPORTANT Schengen Information Leaflet for Visa Applicants [pdf, 106.34k]

A visa applicant is free to request an appointment directly a the Embassy for submitting his application by email to riad%27%diplo%27%de,info.

NATIONAL VISA (stay of 90 days and above)

Visa applicants who intend to stay over 90 days in Germany are kindly requested to book an appointment for submission of the visa application at the Embassy.

Book your appointment here

Documents to be presented together with the application vary according to the purpose of your stay. Please refer to the pdf downloads on the right hand side for further information.

Please note that the Embassy will have to contact the local Alien office in Germany for every longterm visa. That is why proceeding time can vary and no guarantee on the success of your application can be given by the Embassy.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Visa

Find the answer to your question

Medical treatment in Germany

The Patient Referral Service is a key service provided by the Delegation of German Industry & Commerce (AHK Saudi Arabia). This service is for all patients who wish to travel to Germany for medical treatment, rehabilitation or any other kind of health care.

Submitting your visa application being a resident of Iraq

f you are a resident in Iraq and you cannot submit your visa application in Amman, Jordan, (at the moment responsible for residents of Iraq) you can now also apply for your visa at the German Embassy in Riyadh.

Visa and Consular Service

Required Travel Medical Insurance


Please make sure you have a Travel health insurance to cover the time of your trip to the Schengen area.


Kreditkarte sperren

The German Embassy wants to inform all applicants, that from 1 June 2013, payments with AMEX credit card (American Express Company) is no longer accepted, only credit cards companies VISA and MasterCard will remain accepted.

Appointment booking for national visa applications (stays over 90 days only)

Blaues Informationsschild

Visa applicants who intend to stay over 90 days in Germany (long term visa - residency. e.g. students, family re-union, work) have to book an appointment for submission of the visa application at the Embassy.

Application form for a National Visa (stays over 90 days)

Please use this new application form for your long term stay in Germany (over 90 days - National Visa)

Customs Regulations

If travelling or moving to Germany customs rules of the European Union apply. In your own interest and to avoid any inconviences upon arrival you are strongly advised to obey the customs rules of the European Union. The German customs authorities have put up an English website so you are able to inform yourself before you travel.